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Happy Birthday To Us!

This July, Marsden Collective celebrated 4 years in existence with a fun filled Friday!

The team dressed in their Boho finest and made their way to the gorgeous light filled space, Little Mountain Studio, located in Red Hill. Here, under the guidance of Amy from Unveiling Poppy, we spent a few hours perfecting the art of constructing flower crowns. There may have also been some champagne and cheese consumed, to help with the creative process.

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How to create an Active Workplace

Have you ever wondered what sitting all day at work is doing to your body?  Journalist Angela Fedele speaks to Director Melissa Marsden about creating an Active Workplace…

Two workplace experts offer research and tips that prioritise employee health and productivity via active design.

Melissa Marsden, director of design firm Marsden Collective has found that her clients are taking the path of installing sit-stand workstations for three primary reasons:

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Is a sedentary workplace killing us?

Journalist Angela Fedele, speaks to Director, Melissa Marsden on the future of workplace design;

“If we can make small and relatively incidental changes to our workplace health, we are not only contributing to our personal health improvement but to the health of our organisations. By having healthier and ultimately more productive employees we are creating more sustainable workforces.” Melissa Marsden

To sit or to stand – that is the question

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