Wishing to embrace the heritage of the wider region of Springfield, the design of this development drew on the historical architecture of neighbouring Ipswich for references.  Combined with the local flora and fauna of the area, a truly unique and inspired concept direction was born.

Aveo are transforming the industry of retirement living and this project is a first in executing their vision.  An inter-generational precinct, the wider Aveo development seeks to connect retirees with their families and the wider community.  Through the inclusion of a child care facility, wellness centre, conference centre and restaurants, the precinct aims to create a destination for the wider community to frequent and engage with the residents.

With this strategic outcome in mind, we developed a positioning statement for Aveo that likened the community facilities to that of an exclusive resort; imagine sipping wine, relaxing by the fire while chatting with close friends…  The space desired a home away from home aesthetic that elevated your perception of retirement living, to a luxury that we all aspire for.

The result is a refined yet responsive environment that considers the physical and emotional needs of its residents, whilst creating context and a reference to locality.  An ambience that is welcoming, striving to create connections and develop a community for its residents.