An under-utilised kitchen and back office was the perfect spot to create a multi-purpose  space to accommodate Plantation Homes growing Construction Management team 1 day a week, whilst providing a retreat for the rest of their office based staff the remainder of the week.

The transformation of what was a myriad of rooms, black ceiling tiles and clunky furniture into a relaxing outdoor room that reflects all the typical trimmings of a Plantation Home, was the perfect way to connect the organisations people with their product.  Inspiration for the space was sort from their many display homes, bringing in the alfresco Queensland lifestyle.

Utilising timber decking, battened timber ceilings, an outdoor styled kitchen, fans and extensive planting brought the space together, encouraging Plantation Homes staff to come together.

The multi-purpose space offers employees a space to escape from their day to day routine whilst still being fully emerged in the Plantation Homes brand.  The space is complete with lounging, dining, collaboration benches, secluded nooks and quiet rooms, offering a space for every activity from quite concentrative work to robust meetings.  The kitchen offers a space for informal communication transfer and encourages staff to mingle.